The Benefits of a
Cycomm Subscription

A Cycomm subscription is the most cost-effective way to use Cycomm on any of the supported Platforms. It minimizes management costs while supporting the security and availability of your systems.

Additional options and custom pricing available upon request.

So what do you get with your Cycomm subscription?


Subscribers get professional support – Should you encounter problems during setup, deployment, migration or production usage, you can access the expertise of Cycomm's technical support team and use our internal ticketing system. Depending on your level of subscription, you will have some or all tickets included, giving you full cost control while resting assured the most competent team available will be resolving whatever problem you may have run into.


Upgrade when it makes sense for you and your users – You choose when you are ready to give your users access to those new features and when that system upgrade fits into your busy schedule. Choose freely among all newer versions of Cycomm available and upgrade under your existing subscription, with support from our team.


Subscribers have access to optimized system packages – You will benefit from the many improvements our engineers have made to the configuration and builds of the base packages Cycomm relies on. These optimizations ensure that the web client scales better and that encryption is set up in the most secure way possible, for example. Production environments that implement these tweaks run faster and are much safer by default.


Projects are made easier with our Professional Services experts – Subscribers have access to services which are available on a per-project basis, including deployment planning and management, infrastructure integration (e.g. with existing directory services, including Active Directory), custom development, and white-labeling. You will also have a greater say in where Cycomm should focus development resources for upcoming releases.


Subscribers get five years of extended support for each release have access to incremental updates, allowing you to choose when and how to upgrade. Non-subscribers need to perform major version upgrades every year to their production systems to remain up to date with bug and security fixes. Performing such "update the world" upgrades to product systems without support is tricky and risky: if you don't get it exactly right, it can cost you in downtime or even data loss. As a subscriber, you can be secure in the knowledge that we will support the version of Cycomm you are running for years to come.


You get the assurance of knowing we are there for you – Assistance with third-level and security incidents as well as updates are much like the fire services. You wish you’ll never need them. But when you do, they are invaluable. Thanks to the support of our subscribers, we are able to keep our best minds fully engaged with the never-ending process of improving Kolab. It allows us to stay on top of security developments and pro-actively handle stability and performance issues that may affect you. And should an emergency arise, you know we'll be there for you.

And that’s not all. Subscribers get preferred access to security and bugfix updates – You will benefit immediately from fixes as they become available, even between releases. No waiting!