Cycomm Releases

Discover just some of the benefits of having a Cycomm Subsciption

Many ‘Open Source’ companies provide both a Community and an Enterprise version of their software. Such ‘Community Editions’ often have significantly reduced functionality, sometimes to the point that they are largely useless if you want to use it in a production environment. The ‘Enterprise’ version may work, but is proprietary (not Open Source) and ends up locking you into the vendor. While these products are advertised as Open Source, what is being promised is not what you get.

Cycomm is different, and we have the 14+ year track record to prove it. In 2016 we simplified our release model to make this as clear and accessible to everyone as possible. 

Our release cycle looks like this:

You can install and run it on your own systems, and you can also subscribe to Kolab Now (as a service). And if you want to run it professionally, a Cycomm Subscription is the best way of doing so on any of the supported Platforms. No matter what you choose, some things will always remain true: